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    Advanced Portfolio Solutions researches and develops  integrated and single-point
    portfolio analysis and review solutions for active management firms that want to
    incorporate institutional level portfolio and risk management procedures into their
    portfolio construction methodology and marketing strategy.  We develop portfolio
    reconstruction and performance enhancing strategies for active products.  Our market
    trend and extreme deviation analysis is available by contacting us directly, this is of
    particular value to Investment and Financial Advisory Firms who  use ETF's and select
    sector funds as part of a tactical and strategic asset allocation program.

    Our approach to generating such solutions is based on the latest advances in financial
    theory and empirical research and incorporate modern methods in portfolio
    construction, design and management. The objective is to enable active managers to
    focus on their core-competencies in stock picking and alpha generation, while
    outsourcing the quantitative aspects of portfolio analysis to the specialists*.

    This site is also about the dissemination of modern quantitative research and methods as applied to
    portfolio management.  Knowledge is a  commodity that actually grows by sharing.  You are welcome
    to share your ideas and methods.  The 'Research' / 'Papers' buttons on this page will take you to those

Portfolio Review
Finding Embedded Risk
Identifying Unintended Style/Size tilts
Uncovering Portfolio Debris
Sources of Alpha
Portfolio Reconstruction
Readjust Large Sector Drifts
Scaling of Alpha
Alpha Portability
Remove Extraneous Risk
Align Portfolio with Stated Objective
Hedge Fund Risk Management
Design template for L/S portfolios
Create customized solutions for specific risk features
of a L/S portfolio
Scenario Analysis
Stress Testing
ETF Consultation
Effective use of this mushrooming derivative product
How to incorporate ETF's in a long only and a L/S
Using ETF's to dampen Volatility
Enhance Stock selection by removing Sector Risk
using appropriate ETF's
ETF Correlation Matrix
Training and Mock Cross-Examination
Preparation for client presentations, consultant and
board reviews

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