We have strategic collaboration with Financiometrics Inc. which is located in
the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  It is a consulting group of
academics and software engineers specializing in investment technology.
They have wide ranging expertise in the areas of investment theory, empirical
research, optimization algorithms, risk models, simulation, database design
and systems development.

Their specialization is in quadratic and nonlinear portfolio optimization
systems, based on innovative mathematical programming algorithms designed
specifically for solving large-scale portfolio optimization problems; factor
models for equity portfolio risk attribution and return attribution; and
simulation for forecasting portfolio return.

Their clients are large institutional investors, such as Merrill Lynch, Deutche
Bank, Bank of America, and Toronto Dominion Bank, as well as smaller
money managers, consulting firms, and Internet companies.
Financiometrics Inc.

* TEL: (925) 254-9338
* FAX: (925) 254-2932
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